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Do you love something in your life and want to show it off in a fun and creative way, but lack the skills to make it happen? At BluPaw Design your vision is brought to life through a wide range of portrait based design styles finished with professional display results. Since 2018 we have provided clients with unforgettable renderings to highlight those passionate items in their life that they love most.


The idea for BluPaw Design first lit into flame after having to put down one of my first pets. His name was Luigi and he was a feline like no other. After going through the process of letting him go, I had a void in my life where he used to sit. I decided to put my education to work and see what I could do to create an unforgettable memory of him. After lots of research and trial and error, I found I had a knack for taking images and molding them into cherished digital portraits. I then figured out that, although this idea bloomed from animals it could be used towards other passions in one's life. Passions such as automobiles, children, grandchildren, landscapes and so much more.

If you have something you love and want to display it in your life, you are in the right place. Explore what we can do for you!



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