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Image quality is very important and the examples below showcase the same image in both good and poor quality. Things to avoid include low resolution, low lighting, heavy shadows and blurry details. Having a good and quality image is necessary to achieve the best possible result.

Good Quality.jpg

Good Quality

low Quality.jpg

Poor Quality


The process here at BluPaw is very easy! You determine your desired image, style, substrate and size. You then fill out our order form and upload your image. Your form and image are sent to us for verification and we then send you an invoice to be paid as well as gather any additional information needed. Once payment has been made we will render the image in accordance to your form details and notes and send it to our print shop to be printed and shipped back to you! 


Some of our styles have options for color or black and white, borders and other details that can be found under our style descriptions. These need to be noted in the order details of the order form or the style will be rendered using a default method.

Process copy.png
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